Cryptocurrency ATMs were used to Scam-U.K’s Daily Mail newspaper has reported that, so far there are only four victims of the Australian crypto ATM scam. Furthermore, all these defrauded out of funds were found in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.


The scam itself includes those backing it reaching prospective victims with an appeal for outstanding taxes. And the payment must be done through one of the city’s cryptocurrency ATM machines. Likewise, Which sends it to an unknown address.

$50,000 in a bitcoin ATM scam is been lost by victims in Melbourne, out of fears they will be detained if they don’t deposit.

Police dealing with this matter disclosed the report. Which says that those cheaters who are behind it are targeting newly-arrived economic migrants as they are easily convinced.

Officials said that there is a certain section of individuals who are here on a visa. Hence, are not even familiar that authorities won’t ask them to deposit cash into an ATM.

This population size likely to have a  perception that refusal to any legal request. It would create a negative impact on their immigration procedure.


Cryptocurrency ATMs were used to Scam-Normally, Foreigners avoid asking similar questions to the Government as they have don’t have a proper yardstick to compare. The victims feel that they would be put behind bars. When they didn’t obey to requests for depositing money at the crypto ATM in Braybrook (Melbourne).  The Daily Mail also reported that victims were alerted by the federal police. Even private accountants to a debt of outstanding taxes.

Katherine Lehpamer ( Local Police Representative)  said  “Anyone getting a call along these lines should make inquiries. That is with the relevant authority before paying any money. We believe there are a number of victims who may be here on visas or not aware that authorities would never tell them to deposit money into an ATM.

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