First in the World: Blockchain Conference Tickets Sold by Smart Contracts, Blockshow is a successful host of blockchain conferences around the world. It has successfully hosted the conferences in Berlin and Las Vegas this year and is focusing on the next event at Asia. And Blockshow Asia already has a differentiating factor with it. The people who are excited about participating in the conference can book their tickets using ethereum-based smart contracts.

How does booking a ticket work on Blockchain?

The smart contract DApp enables users to book tickets in a hassle-free manner, without any intermediaries. Once they confirm the transaction after booking, the ownership of the ticket will transfer to the person. However, people can also book tickets as gifts for other people. And as a part of the decentralization process, there are no limits on the usage of other wallets as well. Attendee tickets cost 1.5 ETH, while investors tickets are twice that price.

This is deemed to be a significant solution for the ticket industry. The industry has been facing the problems of duplication and price hacking. On blockchain, it is difficult to alter any data since it is a decentralized system. The duplication is impossible because each token would have their unique token id. Which if copied, will become invalid on a second usage.

Blockshow was facing threat issues for hosting the event in Asia. They got threat calls telling that the event would be sabotaged with weapon based attacks. And to prove the vulnerabilities around the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ growth in the future, the firm decided to come up with this decentralized strategy. Earlier they have even announced a significant partnership with BitFury this year.

Blockchain Conference Tickets Sold by Smart Contracts, every attendee of the Blockshow Asia will have a risk score which will be provided by Bitfury. Bitfury’s risk assessment is backed by Crystal which has successfully associated with blockchain companies. Law enforcement agencies to track criminal activities in the past.

Next week’s conference will feature important speakers like Bobby Lee, Vincent Zhou, Stanley Yong, and Jason Hsu. You can find the full list here. On top of that, side events during Asia Blockchain Week will include an open day for accelerators and hubs, an influencers event, a pre-party, an after-party, and more.

Nightshow, which is another VIP event, will take place in a business lounge on both days of the conference, and is exclusively for speakers and BlockShow VIP guests. It will have Crypto Finance board member Marc Bernegger, Radmis co-founder Penny Wong, and Chainrock partner Jeremy Show as Speakers.

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