German Poll on Logistics Reveals Their Trust Into Blockchain. A survey conducted in Germany targeting German Logistic Managers, the aim of which was knowing the potential of blockchain for improving the efficiency of supply chains.

As a result of the survey, more than one-third of German Logistic Managers believed that blockchain will help the supply chain industry by reducing the gaps between the nodes and increasing cooperation between departments.

According to the Hermes Barometer (from where the survey was conducted), more than a third of the logistics decision-makers present in the survey believe that blockchain technology has the potential to bring about enormous changes in logistics. This goes far beyond the “normal” digitization process. In larger companies with more than 250 employees, one in two surveyed agreed with this statement.

Many people in the poll also believed that blockchain would contribute towards increasing the security of data at the various stages of the supply chain.

German Poll on Logistics Reveals Their Trust Into Blockchain. The survey revealed that blockchain technology was not familiar to managers of small companies. If the reports are accurate, then the numbers go like this: only 21%  of the audience of the total survey knew what blockchain was, and 42% of those who worked for larger companies had done at least a small amount of research on the blockchain.

The survey is just a mirroring of global recognition and adoption that the blockchain industry is getting in recent days. Blockchain has also seen some major Ports in Abu Dhabi and Spain utilizing the technology in their operations to increase their efficiency.

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