Celebrities For Cryptocurrency Promotion-Gunnar Lovelace, the co-founder of the Thrive Market is planning to hook celebrities on crypto by creating a network of “mega-bloggers” which he built up by promoting the health market. Lovelace’s main idea is to make this public. This is possible by onboarding celebrities, including movie stars, life coaches, cookbook authors, and U2 frontman Bono, in private.

Since it was found in 2018 the project has been revolving around secret parties which are strategically placed at major crypto events. One of the reports written was about the investment of ‘Good Money’. In which it stated that ‘Good Money’ trusts internet personalities more than the media or financial institutions. The personalities might be more capable of monetizing trust.

Good Money has been planning to launch its ICO since early 2018 and has raised $22 million on an offered $40million in what appears to be a convertible note according to a September sec filing. Good Money offers Fast transactions! Low fees! Amazing user experience! And it has one more outstanding feature which is to focus on marketing. Good Money’s “Token Ecosystem” ultimately aims to raise $80 million in funds. Through selling tokenized equity “Good Shares” in the company. The token value is $0.0024.


Celebrities For Cryptocurrency Promotion-Good Money’s plane is to rely heavily on an aggressive social media strategy. The reports explain that customers can be largely attracted by the “influencers”; turning “mega bloggers” into investors in Thrive Market is the real life example for this. Internet personalities like Zoe Saldana, Wellness Mama (blogger), Mike Geary(TruthAboutAbs.com), Nick Ortner(author) and Michelle Tam (paleo cookbook author) are seen through Good Money’s various types of investors. But to date, no one has committed to Good Money.

Good Money uses one-third of its reserve money to bring influencers on board and to keep them. Good Money has imported the same model as the Thrive Market.“The bringing of influencers, publishers and celebrities on board is to set new marketing firepower. This for the launch of Good Money and scaling of our platform than any cryptocurrency has to date”, ss stated in a press conference.


Good Money decided to offer two tokens, for which a customer custodial wallet will hold both of the tokens. They haven’t decided which blockchain they will use, according to its “litpaper” it will scale by “either forking or running on top of platforms” such as EOS, Hashgraph, NEO, Polkadotd, etc.

The projected release date will be in September 2019, “GOODS” is the utility coin for users, each worth $1.


According to the report it has been said that investors are more interested in the team behind Good Money than Good Money. Because each team member has their own experience in scaling businesses, either as founders or early employees. The investor list contains five other co-founders. Which includes Nick Sullivan, Andrew Masato (who owned Hashgraph, a distributed ledger technology company that announced a $100 million funding round in August).

At the talk, Lovelace announced that Taube will be working as the company CEO, adding that Taube possesses the superpower of identifying great people and bringing them in.

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