On March 2018, Google Unbanned Crypto Ads, including wallets, Initial coin offerings popularly known as ICOs and also trading advice. Remember Google followed the lead of Twitter, Facebook, and others in publicizing a general blanket ban. Ever Since, the Cryptocurrency market has faced untamed price fluctuations, lack of unambiguousness among new investors leading to decrease in value.

  Google Unbanned Crypto Ads-Although, Google will begin soon allowing regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise in the U.S. and Japan according to a new update to its Financial products and services policy. And the new policy will begin in October. This updated policy applies to advertisers globally. Still, the ads can only be seen in the U.S. and Japan. Even interested advertisers can start serving ads only after getting certification from it. So the interested parties have to apply for certification in order to cater each country individually. This move has been followed by Google after Facebook has started giving permissions to preapproved cryptocurrency parties in June.

It is quite interesting that crypto homologous products like ICOs, Wallets or trading advice can remain banned until the tech company changes its stand. As these products are missing from the newly updated policy of Google.

Google Unbanned Crypto Ads-Google has followed Facebook and others to ban the advertisement of cryptocurrency related products earlier this year. In June, Facebook changed its advertisement policy against cryptocurrency related products. Which in turn helped advertisers to run specified cryptocurrency related ads to be run on their platform.

Again Google followed some social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and others to Unban cryptocurrency related products.

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