The games are now secure with Blockchain-The blockchain is having its great times as it is in the expansion phase in diverse industries.  Gaming is one of the largest industries in the world. It also, unfortunately, has many problems with regards to the security of the products. There are a lot of gamers in the world but not all of them buy games legally. Piracy has been always a problem for the multi-billion industry.

Gaming and Blockchain

Well, there is good news for the industry. The top gaming companies and the leaders in blockchain have decided upon joining together. This upcoming is to secure games and increase the reach of the blockchain. Hence, forming the so-called “Blockchain Game Alliance.”

This is a mutually benefited conjunction. The alliance thus formed plans in on creating an open forum for the stakeholders to cooperate with each other. This will create playing games in a new way by sharing knowledge. Continuous research for new dimensions to enhance security.

The announcement about these developments was made at the inauguration of “Blockchain Game Summit” held in Lyon, France from September 25 to September 26, 2018. The new influential sphere includes companies such as Gimli, Ultra, B2Expand, Alto, EverdreamSoft, Enjin, and Fig.

The alliance has a vision of “bringing democracy in the gaming industry”.  They believe that the brightest minds in the industry will come up to share their skills and knowledge.  The new system that is more secure and has a better user interface facilitate both security and good user experience.

 The games are now secure with Blockchain-To achieve this feat is not easy since the two industries involved in the coalition are very different from each other. 

“ The Blockchain Game Alliance aims to leverage our combined skills and expertise to provide a bridge between blockchain and gaming to accelerate industry adoption.”


What’s in it for the stakeholders?

  • The blockchain industry has a benefit of getting a significant number of use cases, especially on the multi-player gaming platforms. They also can try to offer something to the players based on the items they interact within the games. Which helps to find a purchase-pattern. They can use this pattern to offer the items in or out of the games to the players.
  • The game developers can use this opportunity to create scarce items in games that can be stored in the digital wallets that are backed up by blockchain security. It is obvious in the gaming industry that the scarce or rare items that are essential to proceed in the games have always brought in more revenues to the developers.
  • Since this blockchain alliance plans to offer the payment using the Distributed Ledgers which eliminate the payment interface fees, which leads the subscription or the fees for the game gets significantly lowered than the traditional payments.
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