Hightech Bluetooth-Ready Nano X by Ledger – The new Bluetooth-enabled Nano X device was released by the Crypto Wallet Company Ledger at the annual Consumer Electronics (CES) in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Eric Larchevêque, Co-Founder and CEO of Ledger, said that the device will have mobile-enabled ledger security. Initially, Larcheveque hadn’t revealed any information about the price tag. Conversely, its price might be approximately guessed around $69.99 per device. The company has successfully sold more than 1.3 million devices to date.

The device is accompanied by a big screen which is much needed for the Ledger security checks.

“Hightech Bluetooth-Ready Nano X by Ledger – The fact that we have a mobile application and it works with the Nano X is really the big evolution of the hardware for this lineup, it’s a more advanced device,”


Though it stores only the public and private key of the cryptocurrency user, it has a lot more memory. But according to Ledger’s explanation “It turns out that as new tokens make the whole ecosystem more complex, it becomes necessary for different software to interact with different protocols. To maintain Ledger’s high-security standards, the company made the decision that each protocol has to have its own app for sending and receiving coins”

We have lots of third-party developers who are developing applications, we want to make sure that applications can only sign transactions for their own private key.”


By this, there will be no errors of signing in to a transaction into the wrong protocol. There is a six-fold increase in Nano X than Nano S in terms of storing crypto assets.

CES’s Innovation Award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy went to Nano X.

“When you have more than a million customer you are really in consumer electronics.”


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