Teen threatens to Blow Up Miami Airport Over The Frustration of Losing Bitcoin. People often hear that “Every coin has a flip side.”  And this seems to be true for Bitcoin too.

In an alarming situation, an 18-year-old teen studying in the 12th standard at school in India has been making threat calls to Miami Airport officials. The reason for these developments is very interesting.

The teen had been offered a bitcoin deal in which he was assured security by an anonymous individual in an online forum. Believing the deal to be true, the teen reportedly handed over his savings to the individual he met online. When the teen felt things weren’t going as expected. He made several attempts to call the FBI about the fraudulent bitcoin deal. Later, when he felt that there was not going to be any help from the FBI, he started making threat calls to Miami Airport.  

The local news outlet, Hindustan Times quoted that the Director General of Police (DGP) of Uttar Pradesh State denied revealing the identity of the teen. He also said that there was an FIR (First Investigation Report) filed against him under the Indian Penal Code and the IT Act, but hwe was not arrested because he is only 18 years old.

The teen called the FBI approximately 50 times seeking help over the fraudulent situation. When not satisfied with the response he received from them, he started calling Miami Airport officials. He reportedly called them about 5 times. He threatened he would attack the airport by walking in with weapons like AK-47’s, Grenades, Rifles and a Suicide Belt.

The teen used fake identity and a fake email address to hide his identity.

What was so frustrating for the teen?

Teen threatens to Blow Up Miami Airport Over The Frustration of Losing Bitcoin. The teen had previously received some money from his father who runs an N.G.O. And invested in bitcoin, where he had made some profits. The anonymous user lured the teen by claiming that he would help him make even higher profits. The anonymous user then took all the teen’s money and disappeared.

This is a dangerous situation for teens and youth who take extreme measures, without being careful while making investments. Also striking deals with anonymous persons online who then lure them into fraudulent tricks.

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