According to CoinDesk Japan, Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo have joined Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). The 2018 program presently includes 33 members, including Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon, and the National University of Singapore, among others. Japan gets access to Ripple’s university investment program.

In order to develop blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital network programs, $50 million was committed by Ripple for the project. Scholarships will be issued by The University of Tokyo, along with the funds sent to the Japanese universities to sustain undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. studies.

Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Global Operations at Ripple, said:

“University partners will continue to increase positive awareness of the transformative impact that blockchain technology will have across various industries…….As the industry matures, the academic community plays a pivotal role in paving the road for innovative companies and entrepreneurs leveraging blockchain technologies and digital assets.”

Japan gets access to Ripple’s university investment program. As part of a greater South America investment strategy, in June the payment network announced commitments to the Brazilian Universities of São Paulo and Fundação Getulio Vargas. Ripple reported at the time, that RippleNet was having two to three financial institutional partners added in the region, per week. However, contributing to the scholarly community is a major component of Ripple’s roadmap.

Settlement speeds are getting faster than ever, as a recent testing report from dominant financial network SWIFT has revealed. That means competition for Ripple is greater than ever. The fastest settlement took 13 seconds out of the test runs done with 17 participants. The average was 25 seconds per transfer.

Sales are on the rise for Ripple’s coin XRP. With $251.51 million XRP sold, Q2 numbers were up 50%. Ripple plans on slowing its sales across the board in Q3, due to inflation criticisms.

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