LINE Messenger Lists Crypto Token Of Its own. As previously reported in Nvest Weekly about South Korean messaging giant, Kakao developing a blockchain network, it seems that the time has come for others too, to become competent in the blockchain sphere by taking steps to support crypto.

According to recent reports, popular messaging giant ‘LINE’ has announced that it will be listing its own token in BlockBox- the Crypto exchange platform launched by the Japanese company.

The token is called LINK(LN). It is now available on the exchange’s trading platform in trading pairs with the U.S. pegged stablecoin Tether, as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The firm’s decision to analyze the application of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in use cases motivated this move. The company had already made an announcement that it has launched a blockchain network that would be based on proof-of-stake and practical Byzantine fault tolerance mechanisms, and would be called as “LINK Chain.”

As an incentivization process, around 800 million out of 1 Billion tokens given for free to users who participate in the decentralized apps built on the LINK Chain platform.  In addition, the firm said that in upcoming months, it will launch three more decentralized applications in which users can participate in the product review and can earn LINK tokens as a reward for their participation.

The company has also launched the BlackBox Crypto-to-Crypto exchange which is available to all countries in the world except the U.S. and Japan because of regulatory issues in these two countries.

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