Malaysian Government And Universities To Bring Degrees on Blockchain. The Education Ministry of Malaysia has newly framed a pool of universities to saddle blockchain technology in handling the monstrous business of phony degree certificates.

The Ministry of Education declared in a public statement posted on Twitter Thursday, that with the new consortium of six universities, it has propelled a blockchain-based framework called ‘e-Scroll’ for the issuance and confirmation of university degrees.

The arrangement, it stated, was incited by an ascent in instances of false degrees. Similarly, the ease with which they can be obtained over the internet.

Malaysian Government And Universities To Bring Degrees on Blockchain. Recounting a BBC Radio report in which it was revealed that a “staggering” business of counterfeit degree certificates was done from January, the MoE said  “buyers are prepared to spend up to half a million pounds on bogus documents,” including that, “such a scenario is also not unheard of in Malaysia.”

The possibility of a blockchain-based framework was first presented in January by the Council of ICT Deans. Also, it is anticipated to enhance productivity, as well as verifying certificate provenance, the Ministry said.

Malaysian Universities Get Thousands Of Requests Internationally To Verify Graduates

Also, the announcement stated that Malaysian universities at present get “thousands of requests globally” to check graduates. Similarly, a procedure, still to a great extent, done through phone and messages,  “which contribute to its inefficiency.”

Online Confirmation  In A Few Seconds

Malaysian Government And Universities To Bring Degrees on Blockchain. For the primary stage of the venture, Ph.D. students from IIUM graduating on Nov. 10 will have their degree certificates signed on the framework. The Ministry said it is urging different colleges to join the consortium.

Created by a group from the International Islamic University (IIUM). The MoE said the framework stores the certificate information on the NEM blockchain. Also, it gives online confirmation  “in a few seconds” when a QR code imprinted on the degree certificate is scanned.

“Although such a system can also be built using other blockchains, NEM was chosen due to its unique features in managing traceability and authentication requirements,”

– The Ministry.

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