Micree Zhan, the Co-founder of Bitmain was suddenly removed from the firm in the past week. He said he will take lawful action to rejoin the firm. Bitmain is a bitcoin mining company

On Wednesday, Zhan publicly revealed his planned coup for the first time. Jihan Wu, his fellow Co-founder of Bitmain, told employees in an email that Zhan has been ousted from his duties. He also asked the company staff not to connect with him.

As per a statement, Zhan said he was dismissed from the firm without any notice. Also, he decided to sort out the issue by implementing legal procedures. He will involve the court also, if required, to return to Bitmain.

Zhan stated, 

“I have never thought that as a person focusing on technology and product, I have to start thinking from legal perspectives. It was embarrassing that as a Bitmain co-founder, the biggest shareholder, and a registered legal representative, I got ousted without any knowledge in this coup while on a business trip.” 

He added, 

“I didn’t realize until then that those scenes in TV shows, where you get stabbed on your back by those partners you trusted and ‘brothers’ you fought together with, can really happen in real life.”

Zhan assured Bitmain staff that he will “return to the company as soon as possible through legal methods to end this very critical moment.”

He further said, 

“Bitmain is our child. I will fight for her till the end with legal weapons. I won’t allow those who want to plot against Bitmain to succeed. If someone wants a war, we will give them one.”

Zhan predicts Bitmain will reach the goal of occupying 90 percent of the market in bitcoin mining and developing its Artificial Intelligence business.


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