Nasdaq Won Patent For Blockchain News Agency Service. Nasdaq is the second largest stock exchange by market capitalization in the world. It won a patent plotting on how we can utilize blockchain to discharge data as a feature of a wire facility.

Record clarifies that the Wire as of now shares data at pre-set ban times to the expected outlets. Also, it includes news discharge or other computerized dispersion services.

The patent which was discharged on Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, particularly clarifies how we can use blockchain to safely discharge time-delicate data when fundamental.

Moreover, the current floors would already be able to circulate data on particular occasions. To just the suitable beneficiaries, the patent notes that these frameworks may leave audit review trail differences. A few stages may not be review cordial by any means.   

The document proclaimed, “new and improved techniques and systems for delivering and securing such time-sensitive information are continually sought after,”

To illuminate this current, Nasdaq’s patent depicts a blockchain stage that can use keen contracts. Both consolidate various encryption and work process highlights while keeping up a record that turns out to be harder to change after some time.

Nasdaq Won Patent For Blockchain News Agency Service. The patent depicted, “Access to the sensitive information that is stored on the blockchain may include a multi-signature requirement that is part of the embedded scripts that make up a given blockchain transaction.”

It also included, “The intended recipients of the information may then directly interface with the blockchain at the scheduled time … to access information that has been securely stored.”



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