New brands of Coinbase-Introduction of any new technology in the world can cause confusion in the minds of users during the learning curve period of time. According to a blog by Coinbase, it has launched two new valuable resources with the intention of coordinating its retail investor decision-making platform with informative asset pages through a new brand called ‘Coinbase Learning’.

Decision-Making process

The initial stage for new investors dealing with digital currencies is difficult. Because of the complexity and lack of cognizance to pick the best altcoin from an array of a thousand different crypto-coins. Similarly, to solve this problem, Coinbase, a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange and services provider, has made its purpose clear in terms of assisting its investors within the decision-making process.

Coinbase has created a database system which features coins the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap, which will help investors in obtaining crucial insights of different assets available in the market.

Along with the new educational asset pages, Coinbase has set up a learning platform called ‘Coinbase Learning’ where it is providing answers to basic questions asked by customers, such as: “what is bitcoin”; “how is cryptocurrency different from regular money”; and “how can crypto make the world better.”.

Coinbase Bundle

New brands of Coinbase-Coinbase believes that answering questions will help investors gain the necessary information. Which will help customers deal more comfortably with cryptocurrencies and inspire them to dive into the cryptocurrency market.

Coinbase is planning to launch a new brand called ‘Coinbase Bundle’. Which will guide investors to get a clearer picture about where to put their money.

Similarly, With the assistance of the sources, retail investors will be able to make investments in all five cryptocurrencies by avoiding the tough choice of investment. The five cryptocurrencies are: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the most recent addition, Ethereum Classic.


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