New Research Wing for Institutional Grade Research Reports. The well-known and popular cryptocurrency exchange firm, “Binance”, started a new research wing

This new wing started on November 8, 2018, and has its own new responsibilities for which it was built for. Binance listed these responsibilities at a press conference. The most needed research is “focused on the creation of institutional-grade research reports” and has “the aim of increasing transparency and improving the quality of information available within the crypto space.”

For a few months, Binance involved itself in many types of research. Now Binance has made the research projects public with the launch of the new research wing. Currently, Binance has generated new articles which are live examples of the type of work the new research wing will do in upcoming days.

The first report prepared by the new research wing is on the development of the Loom Network. Assessing its capabilities by a wide number of metrics. The report details the achievements and milestones of the projects. As well as providing statistics on historical price data, key token sales data, and even the specific wallet addresses that hold more than 90 percent of the said tokens.

There are many similarities of findings in the GoChain report; everything from short biographies on lead developers to snippets of the actual code. As well as including all of the previously mentioned metrics of sales history and more.

New Research Wing for Institutional Grade Research Reports. The current research and analysis appears to be extensive in depth and scope. For the very first-day release from the research wing.

Binance research wing is all set to release a third set of analytics on Pundi X “which includes the regular release of reports over the upcoming days.”

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