Opera browser started to explore new applications of blockchain. The strategic partnership is noted between two entities. Hence, Opera Browser is one among those and this led Opera to explore more applications of blockchain.

Provider of a popular web browser, Opera is partnering with the blockchain advisory ledger capital to further explore blockchain technology. Hence, for the development of tech within the Opera products, Opera is seeking for applications-use cases and growth opportunities.

Opera has adopted blockchain space long back and it is developing a cryptocurrency wallet which is already in its Android browser. It made possible for the user to send crypto collectibles, such as Crypto Kitties, directly from the wallet by launching the beta-stage product in July.

Opera browser started to explore new applications of the blockchain. Leading crypto company, Bitmain invested in Opera for developing crypto wallet in the browser. However, Opera stood top among the companies who did integration with crypto companies. Opera wants to add value for blockchain users and developers by leveraging its massive ecosystem and technical competencies.

Crypto wallet within the Opera browser removed the need for third-party plug-ins or DApps, which benefits over 300 million users worldwide. Users and developers benefited by this by easy access to future web system.

Using Opera’s crypto wallet, the new possibilities are opened for merchants and content creators. Crypto wallet sends digital cash straight from the phone and they have made it much easier.

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