Monster Rat Positioned On The Wall Street-An inflatable monster Bitcoin Rat has been temporarily installed on Wall Street. The massive art piece with blue eyes claws out and aggressive fangs are staring directly at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. The rat is paying tribute to the traditional giant brown rat that would be inflated by union protesters when companies mistreated their employees. This one, however, is vibrantly colored and has code and math equations on it as a chant to Bitcoin. The art piece is covered with vibrant colors and Bitcoin equations all over its body.

The monster rat is on Wall Street just for the “protest” and to make passers-by think about state of the economy and money management critically. The blue pupils spell out “PoW” which is short for Proof-of-Work. And it seems to be yelling “Bitcoin will take you apart” as its tagline to criticize Bitcoin’s underlying algorithm.

Nelson Saiers

According to the design artist and ex-hedge fund manager Nelson Saiers, installation is not permanent, it is only for few days to attract the direct attention of the world’s most powerful bank, the Federal Reserve Bank which controls the US dollar. The control on the US dollar by the Federal Reserve Bank is to run the US economy smoothly, but there is an argument about central banks devaluing the money and ambiguity about their inner-mechanics.

Instead of directly pointing at the Federal Reserve Bank, Nelson Saiers has chosen Maiden Lane to set his creation free.

“Rats have historic importance in protest but this latest creation mainly symbolize the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Once Warren Buffet mentioned Bitcoin as “rat poison squadron?”. And if that rat is from Federal Reserve Bank then rat poison might be good”.

                                                                                                                             -Nelson Saiers

impact On Audiences

Monster Rat Positioned On The Wall Street-The former mathematician, Nelson Saiers always seems to find a new idea to protest with. He uses his unique paintings to narrate the darker side of finance. His creations impact the viewers strongly even though they may not know much about the topic at hand. Apart from critiquing money management issues, Nelson Saiers has also opposed non-violent drug crimes by hanging football jerseys spelling out the digits of pi (pi is an irrational and the correlation is that arresting someone for smoking pot is similarly “irrational”).

The rat is Nelson Saiers first creation related to Bitcoin. He thinks the rat will compliment Bitcoin philosophy in an easily comprehensible manner. Saiers stated “the sculpture is to reflect the spirit of Satoshi and his work on Bitcoin”, and he said that Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator appears to be “against bailouts”.

Saiers wants his onlookers to learn about Bitcoin and the Federal Reserve. According to him, both Bitcoin and the Federal Reserve have strength and weaknesses. “Satoshi is obviously very talented and Federal Reserve Banks have lots of talented people as well”, he said.

My creation is just art, it’s informative. I hope people will learn and it will at least help people understand Bitcoin better and be kind of faithful to what Satoshi would have wanted”.

-Nelson Saiers


Saiers seems much more eager to leave an impression on the public than to make an attractive piece of art! He argued that “Bitcoin has left economics and has entered the public consciousness”.

Monster Rat Positioned On The Wall Street-Initially Saiers and his friends set up the monster rat on private property but ended up having an issue with security guards who chased them off to the public sidewalk. After setting up the art piece, they noticed many people were curious about the rat and even stopped to take a selfie with it. Saiers is not expecting much controversy as he believes that art is ambiguous and open to individual interpretation. He said, “rat might be either Bitcoin or the Federal Reserve”.

Nelson Saiers speaks about another interesting similarity between Satoshi and famous street artist Banksy who is pseudonymous.

“They exist without permission. Which are hated, hunted and persecuted. And live in quiet desperation amongst the filth. And yet they are capable of bringing entire civilization to their knees. If you are dirty, insignificant and unloved then rats are the ultimate role model”.

Banksy (from his book “Wall and Peace” 2005)

Nelson Saiers concluded by connecting Bitcoin and the rat with a statement:

“People have been mocking bitcoin, but now it’s a $100 billion entity. It’s been scorned, but will it play a role in dampening the importance of central banks and fiat currencies?” adding: “I’m not saying it will! But that’s why I chose a rat.”

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