Decreased ICO funding in 2018-Initial coin offerings, popularly known as ICOs, are growing rapidly in the market. They are perceived to be the craziest and the easiest way for Blockchain startups to raise capital, without the rigid rules that are integrated with the traditional method of raising capital called: Initial Public Offering, habitually known as an IPO.

ICO’s are helping businesses in terms of raising funds, as mainly startups are being fueled by ICO’s to get their projects, which are at the initial stage, complete. Apart from the aid to start-ups, investors are earning huge emoluments, which is creating a win-win situation for all involved.

April 2017 was the prime time when ICOs began to grow rapidly. At that time Ethereum also started picking an edge. Which in turn helped the cryptocurrency market grow faster in late December.

ICO fundings amounted to approximately $3.077 billion in January 2018. In Q1 of 2018, ICO fundings were more than the total amount of ICO fundings in 2017 put together.

In the beginning of Q2 of 2018, the preceding impregnable ICO funding started to sink. Q1 received $8.8 billion in ICO funding, whereas Q2 brought only $5.5 billion. This is when ICO funding began declining.

Q3 of 2018 started better, with $1.5 being raised in the month of July alone. But new research from the independent financial services firm: Autonomous Next, has stated that ICO’s only raised $326 million during the month of August, which was the lowest funding amount ever since May 2017’s $228 million.

Ethereum and ICO’s: Falling in Parallel

Decreased ICO funding in 2018-The price orbit of Ethereum, which is a decentralized platform for programs to run without any fraud, as well as being the cryptocurrency and blockchain most frequently used to construct crypto projects and ICO’s, has followed the monthly ICO’s raising aggregate very closely.

Both ICO funding and Ethereum’s value started to pick up in April of 2017. And continued to do so until early January. At the time, Ethereum was at it’s the top-notch level of $1,417.38. When Ethereum reached an early 2018 low in April, this problem was seen to be shared with ICO funding.

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