Ripple to sponsor University of Kansas as one of the 29 research institutions receiving financial support for Blockchain related research. Kansas University is 29th Research University to Receive Funds From Ripple.

Support will be offered to students and faculty by Ripple, while the university comes up with the research topics. The University is receiving $2 million (over 5 years) to do research on cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital payments.

Ripple created the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) in order to cultivate academic research. Also, development, and innovation across blockchain, crypto and digital payment ecosystems.

The donation to the University of Kansas by Ripple will total $400,000 per year for five years. It will go to the Information and Telecommunication Technology Centre at the Kansas School of Engineering.

The University will determine its own research topics with which Ripple will collaborate with students and faculty to provide technical resources and expertise.

Students and millennials are more interested and have greater belief in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Based on this belief, Ripple has created one of its missions to provide these students with the resources necessary to assemble the next generation of projects.

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