Software License Management By Accenture To Be On Blockchain. Accenture is a giant, globally, when it comes to management consulting and professional services. It provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. However, it has now come up with a software license management software built by digital ledger startup Digital Asset.

Often it is very difficult for firms with a large client base to monitor all the licenses which exist under Software Asset Management (SAM) tools.

Accenture claimed that their blockchain-based application uses the language of Smart Contracts- DAML. Also, it believes it will significantly help in tracking software licenses. The system tracks software events from origination to purchase. Also, it helps to simplify tracking, usage and audit functions.

Chief Business Development Officer at Digital Asset, Chris Church said that “this new software asset management application shows that DAML and DLT can deliver significant operational efficiencies to use cases beyond financial services.”

Melanie Cutlan, Senior Principal and Lead for blockchain solutions spoke about the development. He said that the company had a large client base and numerous software license agreements for which they had to come up with a solution for client policies and procedures.

She further added: “While software asset tracking and management tools have evolved, it can still be a daunting task for any large organization to manage.”

The new blockchain based application will help the firm with the management cycle of software licenses. Also, it helps in tracking and auditing of the same.

Cutlan explained this as:

“The power of DLT will simplify the traceability of these licenses. Therefore, the auditing function so all can see where each license is assigned. This has the potential to save organizations millions of dollars per year in the management of their software license portfolios.”

Software License Management By Accenture To Be On Blockchain. The new technology is patent-pending. Eventually will be a very fortunate technology for all the firms trying to reduce the risk of unlicensed software. Also, issues around compliance-failure with software user terms.  

One of the representatives of the company described the technology as “one of the first blockchain solutions built by Accenture and the first to go into production within the Accenture Operations group.”

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