Swedish Man Arrested For Mailing Letter Bomb To Bitcoin Firm. A Swedish man suspected for sending a letter bomb being to a Bitcoin firm has been indicted for attempted murder and is looking at up to seven years in jail.

A 43 year aged man, Michael Salonen, has been sentenced to seven years in jail by the Stockholm District Court, as per the Associated Press.

After the individual sent a letter bomb to London-based Bitcoin firm CryptoPay, he has been charged with attempted murder. He has additionally been incriminated for mailing undermining letters to Swedish legislators and government authorities.

Court Documents Revealed Some Interesting Facts

Swedish Man Arrested For Mailing Letter Bomb To Bitcoin Firm. Court records have disclosed that back in August of 2017, Salonen sent a bundle routed to two of CryptoPay’s employees, containing two bombs, like pipe bombs, to CryptoPay’s workplaces.

The bundle was sent for the attention of The Accountancy Cloud to CryptoPay workers George Basiladze and Dmitrii Guniashov; nonetheless, Wesley Rashid, who is CryptoPay’s co-founder opened the bundle, which fortunately didn’t explode.

“We are relieved that no one from The Accountancy Cloud team was hurt in this incident,”

-a spokesman for Cryptopay said

Salonen Has Also Faced A Number Of Other Charges

Swedish Man Arrested For Mailing Letter Bomb To Bitcoin Firm. Salonen was additionally discovered blameworthy of 20 counts of threats connected to letters loaded up with a puzzling white powder that was sent to Swedish legislators.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was among the administration authorities focused on and was sent a letter containing a safe, unspecified white powder, and a note that threatened: “you will soon be dead”. Various Swedish officials received identical letters and danger threats.

DNA matching Salonen’s on the bombs that were mailed to CryptoPay.

The bomber had an account with CryptoPay. Proof found on Salonen’s PC affirms this, using which he had hunt down bomb-making directions on the web.  British authorities investigating the case additionally discovered DNA matching Salonen’s was on the bombs that were sent to CryptoPay.

Salonen was captured back in May at Stockholm Arlanda Airport and was detained, anticipating trail from that point forward. Presently, Salonen could be subject to seven years in jail.

No thought process was uncovered; it’s as yet not clear how Swedish government authorities have any association with CryptoPay in Salonen’s mind, besides each getting dangers threats from him.

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