Bitcoin Sales By Taxi Drivers in the city of London. Pseudonymous taxi driver Dave Jenkins is referred to as the ‘Crypto Cabbie’. He drives travelers around London and offers them the opportunity to buy BTC.

 The Crypto Cabbie

There’s a cabbie in London who won’t just give you a ride but may also ask you whether you’re interested in buying BTC. Pseudonymous taxi driver Dave Jenkins rides with a device that provides individuals with the possibility to buy bitcoin.

 Bitcoin Sales By Taxi Drivers-In the recent interview, he explained that the hardware device is made by a company called Fastbitcoins. It permits the Crypto Cabbie to sell BTC for money before furnishing the purchaser with a receipt. Basically, this service is a voucher system that can be recovered for BTC after the purchase at specific areas.

 Furthermore, Jenkins claims that trading with him is a lot simpler for customers than signing up for an exchange or utilizing a crypto ATM in London that may require KYC ID. The Crypto Cabbie figures he’s the first cab driver to offer these kinds of services for cryptocurrency purchases

 “You know, you just turn up, get in the cab, hand the cash over and you’ve got your bitcoin and away you go,” Jenkins explained during his interview.  Dave Jenkins the Crypto Cabbie is a good friend with Danny Brewster. Danny Brewster is the creator of the U.K.- based Fastbitcoins Point-of-offer (PoS) terminal company.

 As per Brewster, he offers the crypto-empowered PoS hardware devices to retail stores and organizations worldwide and is confident of building up his business amid the crypto bear market, trusting it is making his organization even stronger. Jenkins has been accepting BTC for taxi rides since 2017. He doesn’t appear to be worried by its drop in value.


“I only care about owning bitcoin itself — Bitcoin to bitcoin, Satoshi to Satoshi, whatever.”

-Dave Jenkins the Crypto Cabbie stated.

How does it work?

Jenkins states that in order to hail his taxi, people are able to contact his Twitter handle and give him a pickup area. While being transported to their destination, travelers can buy BTC from the cabbie using pounds, euros and U.S. dollars. But BTC can only be purchased during Jenkins regular shift hours which are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in London. Jenkins states that he simply enjoys getting more people into cryptocurrency. “I don’t feel I’m going to become a millionaire out of it,” the cab driver claims.

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