The Popular Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Releases Mobile Client. MetaMask, which is the most popular Ethereum and ERC20 token standard wallet developed by ConsenSys. It has released its mobile client at DevCon. DevCon, however, is a major Ethereum conference in Prague. Czech Republic hosted by large conglomerates and leading cryptocurrency businesses including Microsoft, EY, Santander, ShapeShift, Blockfolio, and Wanxiang.

The MetaMask development team officially released and showcased the MetaMask mobile wallet. Joseph Lubin is the founder and CEO of New York-based ConsenSys. It is the largest blockchain software firm in the world with over 1,000 developers. Also, it shared the product release with the official user interface of MetaMask mobile.

However, in early 2016, MetaMask was launched. It has the capability of handling various decentralized application (dApp) requests. It has a user-friendly interface that enables the transfer of ETH and tokens launched on top of the Ethereum blockchain network. With such features, it has become the go-to wallet for Ethereum and ERC20 token users.

The Popular Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Releases Mobile Client. MetaMask users have been demanding a mobile version of the wallet since its launch. For over two years, MetaMask was only available to users in the form of a browser extension on Chrome. Since early 2014, cryptocurrency users have favored mobile wallets over web-based wallets due to various security merits and advantages. The presence of a trusted execution environment (TEE) in smartphones allows the devices to store data that cannot be reached by hackers. This is why smartphones have an edge over laptops and desktops for cryptocurrency wallets. MetaMask is a non-custodial wallet that provides users with full control over their funds. But, that also means users have to take full responsibility of their private keys, as storing them on the cloud or on public platforms can be insecure.

MetaMask mobile client has additional functionalities. The mobile client wallet can function as a dApp browser or a “Google Play Store for dApps”, besides operating as an Ethereum wallet. On MetaMask mobile, users can run various dApps by connecting the wallet to the dApp to seamlessly process information on the Ethereum mainnet. The release of MetaMask mobile will open a variety of dApps to a wider range of Ethereum users, who previously had not used dApps due to the lack of accessibility.

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