The Wall Street Journal’s Crypto-coin. Although conventional media have an atrocious approach towards cryptocurrency, the approach seems to be changing, Recently Wall Street Journal has announced its plan to enter cryptocurrency market by launching its exclusive crypto-coin called WSJCoin.

Wall Street Journal is the U.S. based media house starting its journey in cryptocurrency world by creating their own private cryptocurrency coin and they put it by stating that to better “understand what drives the wild cryptocurrency market—the technology, hype, and innovation, combined with the hacking, market manipulation and increased regulation…”

The Wall Street Journal started its journey in Japan which is a cradle for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The Wall Street Journal had a business meeting with one of the blockchain startups in Japan. Later they recruited one of their programmers for coding, comprising the structure of a cryptocurrency, that is how WSJCoin was built.

The difficulty of cryptocurrency is creating a practical one which can attract investors and exchanges from different parts of the Planet Earth. Without these two player’s interest, the cryptocurrency is termed as a wasted code. So the newly established team traveled major parts of the Japanese crypto community to make WSJCoin practical, searching for businesses to welcome WSJCoin as a method for accepting payment despite being clear that nobody would accept any cryptocurrency which is not liquid.

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