Trading state secrets for bitcoin: French intelligence agent arrested. Cops arrested a French intelligence official in a shocking development. He was trading state secrets while accepting cryptocurrencies in return.

Reports claim that the agent was involved in exchanging economic information and falsifying the government documents. The incident happened two days before the agent, who was reportedly associated with Direction Generale de la Securite Interieure (DGSI) was arrested.

Trading state secrets for bitcoin: French intelligence agent arrested. The agent was reportedly working with a criminal group, and few of the economy specialists, and not with any terrorist groups, claimed the reports.

There was no clue either about the amount of information sold. They didn’t even know the amount of bitcoin traded until the time of the report. However, if the accusations turn out to be true, the agent will face approximately 7 years in prison and a 100,000 euro fine.

The activities tracked following the observation on information leaks that took place. The cops tracked the agent’s personal code which helped to track his online activities before the arrest. The Central Directorate of the Judicial Police did this.

There were several “Origin of File queries” which caused the suspicion and the tracing by the agency’s internal security.


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