In its upcoming municipal elections in May, a city in the U.S intends to use a blockchain framework to store and track votes. U.S. City To Use Blockchain Apps To Cast Votes.

On Thursday last week, Denver, Colorado, declared that it would implement a test case program to permit voters abroad, active-duty military personnel, and their qualified dependents to vote to utilize a blockchain-based cell phone application. This initiative is a joint effort with Tusk Philanthropies and Voatz.

Amid the state’s primary and general elections in 2018, Voatz’s technology is utilized in West Virginia. Where active-duty military personnel benefited from using the software.

With an excess of 15,000 votes cast in its biggest election to date, the Overstock-backed startup has directed in excess of 30 effective pilots, since its launch.

Deputy director of elections at the Denver Office of Clerk and Recorder, Jocelyn Bucaro, said in a statement, that the Denver Elections Division will make voting a simpler and more transparent procedure for people through technology.

“Participating in this pilot program fits perfectly into our mission,” she said, adding:

“We believe this technology has the potential to make voting easier and more secure. Not only for our active duty military and overseas citizens, but also for voters with disabilities. Who could potentially vote independently and privately using their phones’ assistive technology.”

To take part, qualified voters must document an absentee ballot request and complete a validation procedure through the Voatz mobile application. Only after approval will they be able to submit their ballot between March 23 and May 7, Denver’s election day.

Utilizing the application implies voters can abstain from printing. Then scan the paperwork they would need should they file regular non-attendant tallies. Furthermore, voters can have access to affirm whether their tally recorded.

Also taking part in the pilot is The National Cybersecurity Center (NCC). NCC CEO, Vance Brown,  said they are eager to cooperate with the City/County of Denver, Voatz and Tusk Philanthropies:

“This public/private partnership showcases how promoting innovative technologies, such as blockchain-based mobile voting. Also, it protects against cyber-attacks that negatively impact our world. The application of blockchain in our election system provides for secure, auditable, transparent and accurate counting of ballots and the increased integrity of our election system.”

NCC CEO Vance Brown.

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