UNICEF, which is a children’s non-profit organization. It is currently in talks with the government of Kyrgyzstan to use blockchain technology to give Internet access to each school in the nation. Also, UNICEF to Use Blockchain Technology To Give Internet Access To Every School In Kyrgyzstan.

“We are at the early stages of exploring a blockchain-based solution for the Project Connect initiative in Kyrgyzstan. Where the government is working with UNICEF. Also, with the private sector to connect every school in the country to the Internet. And provide access to information and opportunity to all young people,”

  • Munir Mammadzade, deputy representative for UNICEF Kyrgyzstan


As a feature of a more extensive, progressive, and continuous initiative called Project Connect. UNICEF plans to have more than 1,500 nearby schools in Kyrgyzstan participate. In addition, the schools will also explore the utilization of a blockchain-based solution. However, it is for the monitoring and improvement of Internet connectivity levels.

Project Connect has mapped Internet connectivity levels for more than 150,000 schools around the world. Of these, 1,560 schools are situated in Kyrgyzstan for which nearly half are either have no Internet network or just no information on the issue.

This work is occurring on “an accelerated, crazy crypto timeline” as indicated by lead personnel of UNICEF Ventures, Chris Fabian. He revealed that the blockchain piece of Project Connect will come over the span of the current year:

“Right now, we’re still at a very early modular stage, doing the mapping, getting the connectivity piece and figuring out the accounting.”

“You can easily see where the blockchain layers would come in… If you want to pay as a donor – government or company – for a whole section of the country to come online. Wouldn’t you rather do that in a way that is authentic and real and accountable as opposed to just sending money somewhere and hoping two years later that something happens?”

-Fabian explained.


Fabian said blockchain could help improve the checking and controlling of the quality of the Internet. Stressing that the potential for distributed ledger technology as accounting, management, and monitoring was, in his opinion, multi-faceted.

“As with all of our blockchain work, we are working through prototypes, failures and learnings,” said Fabian.

A year ago, a charitable donations website was launched by UNICEF which mines cryptocurrencies to bring up funds for powerless youngsters around the world. The activity, as of now, reports near 28,000 donors.

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