Universa, a Russian blockchain platform has collaborated with Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, a Russian federal subject. As per a company statement, the teaming up is to assist the Siberian region enter the digital economy with blockchain-enabled technology. Universa collaborates with Siberian Regions to create Blockchain Tourism Destination.

It seeks to make the region in Western Siberia a destination for tourism as well as an alluring place for foreign direct investment.

The blockchain phase of Universa will be integrated as an “investment project management service” into public operations to regulate budgeting and avoid misuse of resources.

Tracking mechanisms will produce automatic accounts when investment funds are spent, thus ensuring a more safe location for investors. Universa collaborates with Siberian Regions to create Blockchain Tourism Destination.

In addition, a multi-language communication platform will be created to provide the tourism industry with a single digital ecosystem.

All sector members including “providers of tourism products and services, transportation firms providing visitors, lodging and catering facilities, small and medium-sized enterprises offering services in neighboring fields, investors, company support foundations and lastly tourists heading for their holidays in the area” will contribute to a “pool of data” that will assist to define issues and regions in which the industry can expand.

More than 500,000 visitors toured Ugra in 2018, according to regional officials. These officials are hoping that the development of an “a center of competence” within the tourism industry will stimulate regional interest.

President Vladimir Putin made a decree in May 2018:
“On National Goals and Strategic Development Objectives of the Russian Federation for the Period of up to 2024,” which aims to “take Russia into the top five largest economies, ensure economic growth rates exceeding international rates, while at the same time maintaining macroeconomic stability, including inflation under 4 percent.”

The deal was struck at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 7 by Alexander Borodich, CEO of Universa, and Roman Genkel, General Director Ugra Development Foundation.

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