USPTO Has Awarded A Patent To Xerox For Blockchain. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  Patent rights granted patent rights to Xerox for Blockchain technology for electronic documents.

Xerox is a printing and digital scanning device which got its patent right in August 2017  for a method to securely store electronic documents through Blockchain technology.

Xerox’s technology detects if the document is edited. Thus the system gets effectiveness to continue further.

Innovated Patent technology used to audit electronic files in many different areas like medical, finance, tax papers and educational documents. This filing especially helps in crime investigation records like interview notes, crime scene photos, and DNA test results. These must be protected from victims.

Significant tech and hardware organizations have recorded a large number of patent applications for different exclusive emphasis and utilization of blockchain innovation. A September report expressed that IBM had documented more blockchain-related patent applications than some other organization at the season of production.

Other than Xerox many other companies have filed for patents for different proprietary iterations. As per the reports, IBM has filed more patents which are related to blockchain technology compared to other companies. Recently IBM filed a patent on scientific research.

Points for video:

  1. Xerox awarded patent by  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a Blockchain technology for electronic documents.
  2. It helps Xerox to keep stored data confidentially. It is easy to identify the change in the node that is not approved.
  3. The innovated patent helps in different fields not only in Blockchain technology
  4. Similar to that one more patent is filed that is Blockchain-based timestamp protocol.
  5. Many other companies have filed for patents in that IBM filed more than other companies.


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