The Vietnam’s Largest Telecoms Firm Adopts Blockchain Technology, Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation aims to become Vietnam’s leading blockchain technology provider in the next five years.

Viettel Telecom Corporation

Viettel Telecom Corporation (Viettel) is the market leader to provide international telecom services. It is the first Enterprise to become a monopoly in Vietnam’s telecom service sector. For this, it is the development and innovation wing of the Viettel Group that is to be praised. Similarly, Viettel is voted as the most powerful brand of Vietnam’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry by consumers.

On October 25, local Viet Nam News reported that the nation’s largest telecom service provider company also wants to be Vietnam’s leading blockchain technology provider. Now the company has entered into the blockchain world by providing their first product “a blockchain powered hospital filing system which advances the medical care in the country.

Therefore, Blockchain is a technology that will change the world and Viettel would like to catch up with global development trends,”

Ngo Vinh Quy, deputy general director of the corporation.

Viettel has the financial resources, human resources, network infrastructure, huge data center, research and development facilities, large internal environment, and other advantages to learn and apply blockchain technology,

Ngo Vinh Quy added.

Hence Speaking about the blockchain at the Viettel workshop in HCM City. The company’s deputy general director, Ngo Vinh Quy, said that the Viettel group is advancing in the most current blockchain technology trends.

Blockchain is an unlimited ecosystem. Therefore, The most difficult task for Viettel is choosing the most effective blockchain technology. Which can be applied in daily life.

Ngo Vinh Quy said.

Viettel’s first blockchain based product

Vietnam’s Largest Telecoms Firm Adopts Blockchain Technology-Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation’s first product incorporating the use of blockchain technology is already created to improve file management in healthcare service centers. It is the blockchain powered database to manage and record all the medical related files and data. It allows a lot of money to be saved when patients of every hospital in the nation are connected.

“Every year Vietnam spends VNĐ2.3 – 2.5 trillion (US$100 -110 million) for patients to do medical tests. When they move from one hospital to another.”

Phạm Ngọc Sơn, director of the Core-technology Centre.

This blockchain based solution enables not only linking only hospitals records but also the entire medical networks. Which includes the Ministry of Health, provincial health departments, patients and other related entities on the nationwide level. This model is still waiting for approval from the country’s Ministry of Health.

Previous blockchain based solutions from telecom:

Similarly, South Korea’s largest telephone company, Korea Telecom (KT) Corporation, is in plans to launch its blockchain based networks to provide a more secure and transparent working model. KT also plans to allow its individual and corporate clients to store, manage and transfer their digital data. Which is less prone to hacks.

With the aim to “build a trustworthy blockchain application team to explore the blockchain area” China’s major telecom operators China Mobile, China Unicom,

and China Telecom, have launched a blockchain research group.

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